Technical Support

Login to FADIS

For technical support, or for reporting bugs please contact Gordon Belray.

For assistance with network connections in classrooms, please contact your local IT department.

We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer if using the projection tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a UTORid?

If you are currently reroled at UofT you will need a UTORid to login into FADIS. Students and faculty can create and activate their UTORid at Please use the left hand FADIS login.

I'm a sessional instructor and don't have a UTORid, how do I get an account?

We will need to create an account for you. Please contact the FADIS administrator at your campus.

I'm enroled at another institution, how do I get an account?

Please contact the FADIS administrator at your institution. to request an account. We are endeavouring to implement centralized logins for participating institutions.

Why can't I see any images on FADIS, I can only see boxes with red x's?

Your local configuration is using a Firewall. Please look at this Microsoft document to remedy the problem.

I'm not able to change answers on the quizzes?

Please make sure that your browser's preferences font or encoding is set to "Western".

I'm having trouble accessing the video streams?

Please download the latest version of QuickTime.