Becoming a Participating Member of FADIS

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FADIS is available free of charge to participating institutions. The goal of FADIS is the creation of a shared common repository amongst our members and provide a rich pedagogical toolset modelled on a circulating slide library. As each institution has limited resources, the model of collectively managing shared resources allows us to grow as a unified group and avoid duplication of assests, costs and services. Participating institutions are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

FADIS offers to house all particpating institutions' digital assests including videos and audio files. There are no server-side requirements for members, users simply login onto the system and can begin working immediately, accessing our digital collection currently housing over 200,000 objects. Participating institutions are expected to digitize and catalogue their own course content using the Administrative tools provided within FADIS. The FADIS team will provide training and any technical support required.FADIS filters course information according to user's affliations. FADIS also has the ability to filter images by institution, however, we encourage the acquisition of shared resources.

Particpating institutions are also expected to manage their individual user accounts, however, we endeavour to work with institutions that have deployed centralized authentication systems in order to automate user management as much as possible.

FADIS is a developing community that encourages contributions from participating institutions according to their areas of expertise and interest. Regular group meetings are held and will be made available as live webcasts allowing distant users to contribute remotely. FADIS is constantly seeking to improve cataloguing standards and best practices as well as improving the delivery and component tools. We are also discussing plans for group purchases of images.

For further information about participating in FADIS please contact Gordon Belray.