Features & Tutorials

Faculty Components

Course Component

Faculty can create courses associated with their institution and add syllabi, create lecture carousels with notes, and upload course materials such as Word Docs and PDFs. Courses can be archived by setting an end date and are not visible to users outside of their institution.

Tutorial - Making a New Course

Carousel Making, Duplicating, Organizing

Faculty can make lecture carousels associated with a particular course using the carousel tool. Carousels can contain an unlimited number of images, can be public or privately available, duplicated and shared with other courses (please note that to share a carousel with a different FADIS account requires Administrative assistance).

Carousels can be quickly assembled by searching or browsing through the database. Lectures can be edited in the light table tool, images rearranged and lecture notes added to individual images.

Tutorial - Making a Carousel, Adding Images

Tutorial - Using the Light Table

My Portfolio Component

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Faculty can now upload their own content into a private portfolio. Simply browse your local drive for jpeg images and upload. Images files are automatically resized and stored on our image server. Fill out some data such as artist, title and save. The image is now ready to add to your lectures and for teaching and review by students in your course.

Portfolio images are not available to the FADIS community but can be seen by students reviewing a lecture that contains any portfolio images.

Images exceeding 1400 x 1400 pixels will be scaled to a maximum of this. We recommend uploading images smaller than 4 megbytes and larger than 20 kilobytes. All image files must be jpegs.

Projection Components

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Faculty can project their lecture in class using tools provided within FADIS. Please note that a network connection, data projector and computer are required, projected image quality and colour balance will vary with each projector.

There are two tools for projecting images, the first offers single and dual images while the second allows faculty to display multiple images simultaneously. Instructors can vary the number of images displayed and columns. Both modes allow for full-screen images that scale to fit the browser dimensions and screen resolutions of computers. Complete meta data displays and lecture notes can be toggled on and off. There is also a thumbnail navigation to jump to any portion of the lecture or compare any two images to one another.

FADIS Student Components

Course and Lecture Carousels

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Students can access complete course information where faculty make it available. Image lectures can be viewed online and downloaded as PDFs containing thumbnail images, image data and any lecture notes added by their instructor. In addition, students can view handouts and download any files posted to their course, view syllabi and access any external resources which are automatically generated as hyperlinks. Course syllabi are also available as PDF format.

Making Study and Presentation Carousels

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Students have the ability to create study carousels (collections of images for review from course materia), and presentation carousels by searching or browsing through the repository. Collections can be arranged and notes added by using the Light Table tool.

Searching and Browsing

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Students have complete access to the digital repository, including video and audio files through search and browse modes.